October 13, 2010

My blog has now moved to wretch32.com tell a friend to tell a friend lol. Please move with me lol



  1. Top tunes , Gratz on the “get the label” advert.
    I would like to follow you on twitter as i really like your sounds, and Prof greens rapping isnt bad either. lol- jk,jk.
    Love the blog spot, cool links. Keep up the good work and on with the show…………….

  2. Luv ya musìc bless! Please cum swindon x

  3. I was raging i missed u in glasgow. SECC so looking forward to it even if it seems like ages away. I swear boy you look good. In fact better than good,you get me!!!! SHERRY B!!

  4. I am known as The Sherry B!! I am the mamma of a massive wretch /example fan who wants to make money for you or examples fav charity! My boy wants to jump out of planes and shit. He wants ME to abseile down our local hospital building!! I would rather jump out the plane since hes only 7!! The reason he wants to do this is so he can talk to you and example for a few mins although he thinks HE is going to SECC! I would love it if you guys could say,let the young boi in!!Ya get me!! Love to yous both!!! xxx

  5. Dont buy from this twats website, He dont send the goods and try to keep the money

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