Tinchy F64

February 8, 2010

I rate Tinchy for doing this bcos where his is believe he doesn’t have to. He goes in!

Let me know what you think and remember to visit my new website wretch32.com



  1. I remember what you wrote with Chipmunks video, what do you mean by “believe he doesn’t have to”, if Tinchy does it, he does it which is a good look – I think by saying that’s mugging off SB.TV lol!

  2. yhh 4real na he has comercial success..but lets b real u need real loyal fans aswell..der da ppl that lock on2 grime daily and sb.tv 2 watch there favourite artists latest material. Guy like tinchy only have fans that like that commercial type of music, thoughs fans like 1 song 4 a few months then if u havent released anything else your forgotten.

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