December 17, 2009


  1. I give my props to chip..but i am already aware of his achievements..he doesn’t need to talk about em 24/7..this is how you lose your respect not gain it..imagine if jay-z talked about his achievements 24/7 or lil wayne did..youd probly end up not liking them alie..

    i can understand that wen u in the spotlight you will ALWAYSSSSS have haters..u cannot shut them up no matter what you do even a whole mixtape wont shut them up..because that clearly is the motive for the cd

    I would like to get your opinion wretch what you think??

  2. All this arrogant stuff is not a gd look..only coz he had a number 1 doesn’t mean hes superior to sway or wretch..coz if you compare sway – this is my demo to – i am chipmunk..sways is much better..but it just wasnt commercially as successful

    that is because chipmunk has compromised who he is and what he represents for success and that is fine because you have to do it in this country because the consumers are young white people..but still you gotta keep it reall..coz wivout us your nothingg..we wont forget you..but the white consumers will

  3. SWAY – THIS IS MY DEMO……the best rap/grime cd from a uk artist ive heard and ive listened to alot of uk rap/grime grime mixtapes n albums

  4. “big boi looking like im 3 2 thousand”..beeeeeeeeeeeeeast!

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