October 16, 2009




  1. u c me im a pussy dat dont get no pussy.. i alwayz switch up my name on dis blog cuz im pussy.. so ignore the h8in commentz – i got no life.


    the real wretch slayer

  2. iam a washed up unkwon never been rapper who always shouting out kids who have made it so that they could feature me in one song so that i could atleast get a record deal getting signed for even a grand will end my poverty am too old now and my i cant even tell the difference between beard and skin i look like an elephants knee

  3. I still cannot comprehend why Harvey would leave her and go have a child with someone else. Alie? Alesha Dixon is the nicest star in the uk period better than Cheryl Cole n all da rest of em!

    (elephants knee lol)

  4. You forget that Pharell video she did, she blanatly got fucked and made Harvey look like a dick head with that video, and that was his wife at the time not even his girl

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