October 8, 2009




  1. wretch slayer must sit on hiz pc all day THINKING OF WRETCH = A BOY that getz no pussy – go c dat doctor of urez u sadooooooooooooooo

  2. jj & wretch what kind of real nigger wears fake louis and initials his name to sound gay you a whore a louis vuitton alphabet fag my name ain’t dick so keep it out yo mouth

  3. ‘and initials his name’ WHO THE FUK SED DIS IZ MY NAME u nahhhhhhhhhhh kno me PUSSY BOI

  4. jermaine singayer aka gaytch 32 mr gaytrospective.nigger looking hanzel and gretchel after a long day of being defiled by the big show and brock lesner

  5. nah wretch im sorry man, didn’t mean that @ all i’m a big fan, why u alwayz fink im on here moaning daily.. I LUV U 4 REAL MAN.. i got all 4 of ure cdz – peace maN!! (+ I GET NO PUSSY – if i really h8ed u i wudnt b here)

  6. datz wa u shud b sayin 2 wretch U LUV HIM wretch slayer – JUS ADMIT IT

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