October 7, 2009




  1. i just want 2 say sorry 4 all my bad comments – U R TRUELY 1 OF THE BEST – PEACE…

  2. ALSO sorry 2 all the people dat had 2 read my comments.. i have a mental illness.. so the doctors hav told me …. plz forgive me

  3. wooow wretch slayer iz truly a pussy den

  4. wretch32 you bitch ass nigga you have me in tears laughing,removing my comment and writing bitchassness like that I knew them comments where hurting you

  5. o wretch im so sorry 4 callin u all these namez.. just ignore any commentz after this plz… i am a vry lonely person that getz no pussy – peace

  6. truly wretch you have no life responding to each and every comment your new name is


  7. lmao wretch slayer = no pussy.. DAT EXPLAINZ ALL THE COMMENTZ i waz wonderin why is HE doin dis shit everyday, who has time 4 dat much commentz (sum 1 who get gettin pussy) – wretch watch ure bak u got a HOMO on ure blog.

  8. LMAOOOOO the man tryna tell wretch he has no life #### LMAOO R U SERIUS #### after all the posts u do on here daily LMAO #### wretch slayer needz 2 go c dat doctor of hiz soon az………………….

  9. here’s the reason wretch album bricked he’s dumb notice the time intervals at which the responses take place not less than 3 mins of eachother creating fake characters how sad.sadrospective

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