October 5, 2009




  1. wtf r u and sincere doing at tune wid that dickhead 4?

  2. wretch why are you desperate to get mainstream attention you are desperately doing anything to become a media whore

    wretch you leave me speechless spitting worse than a pregnant crackhead mother on meth

  3. tunez nyce stil I PREY 4 wretch slayer 2 DIE 2 NYT

  4. thou shall not wish death ,evil or misfortune on your neighbour because death is always around the corner and strikes those who ineptly prey upon it and wish it on others.

    wretch you are really sad no one used to comment on your profile until I started all these comments depict the same kind of .persona iam a masonic and your soul is mine ,witty wordplay and metaphors you think you where born with those

  5. IM not scraed 2 die 1st of all…. i did used 2 comment stil SO HUSH ure batty.. get of d blog if u nah lyk him U PUSSY hideing behind a screen – IZ DER NEED??!!? ..these little pussy kidz nowadayz i tel u watz the world cumin 2 man?

  6. track is hard!

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