August 24, 2009



  1. it aint true lol

  2. looool, eyes dont look like dat when u bun ganja doe looool

  3. hahah this is is to get all them pre-school bunners paraniod. police could even tell if you was drunk jus by looking at you through a window…..

  4. Just a government promotion to stop people driving whilst drugs…they can’t see eyes through rainy, dark windows though.

  5. Lol Dis Makes Me Laugh EVERYTIME I see It !!

    N Nah Obviously Ur Eyes Dont Grow.. But Most Hallucinogenic Drugs.. Or Stimulants Make Ur Pupils Bigger..And Thats How Ppl Can Tell When Uv Been Doin Speed.. Coke.. Tings Like Dat.. =) Clever Aint I =)

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