July 7, 2009




  1. whats good wretch?

    im just posting this here again incase you missed it in the last one. just to recap this in in response to the bruno comment you made

    maybe ima a homophobic, so i dont see the humor. But on the real a normal man who was not a faggot would not do the gay shit he does. in my opinion he is a faggot.

    stop supporting that stuff wretch, you are helping the youngins coming up to accept homosexuality and think that its normal.

    do you want your kids to think that shits cool? would you be alright if your son told you he was gay oneday? if not think about what you are supporting.

    real talk wretch, i’ll continue this chat with you if we ever buck up again, no doubt we will

    take it easy fam

  2. on other talk wretch i got give you props, i was frustrated with rappers for a while and feel like they are dumb fucks who can’t excel lyrically. I have to say that your word play is beautiful. thats the only word i can think of to sum up your rhymes.

    keeps doing your ting you will get there oneday fam. but make sure you do with yourself what you do with your rhymes if you can understand that if you don’t get it off the bat, then think about it.


    ps and don’t blank my previous response

    take it easy fam

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