July 4, 2009




  1. what are you talking about wretch, you are worrying me, that bruno shit is on some faggot shit, please answer back on this one, this is a serious question.

    What do you find funny about homosexuality? whats funny about another man fucking another man? and what was funny about that gay eminem stunt he pulled at the mtv awards?

    if you don’t answer back I can see you under pressure and I see what kind of dude you are. I ain’t even talking no hype, i’m asking you this in the most respectful way I can

  2. so when is this mixtape out ?

  3. wretch I know you ain’t been here today but please don’t blank my last question about bruno

  4. u need a sense of humor mate cant take everything 2 serous still , and yhh aida were stil doing the mixtape keep ur eyes pealed

  5. bruno is gna b jokes trust lol…just cuz a person wants 2 watch diss movie dont mean there gay.

  6. lol wow my mans a comedian not a homersexual lol so hes actually taking the piss and thats what i find funny comedy lol

  7. maybe ima a homophobic, so i dont see the humor. But on the real a normal man who was not a faggot would not do the gay shit he does. in my opinion he is a faggot.

    stop supporting that stuff wretch, you are helping the youngins coming up to accept homosexuality and think that its normal.

    do you want your kids to think that shits cool? would you be alright if your son told you he was gay oneday? if not think about what you are supporting.

    real talk wretch, i’ll continue this chat with you if we ever buck up again, no doubt we will

    take it easy fam

  8. ur lookin 2 deep into things , you should be complainin about people like amy winehouse not me mate i found a comic funnie you dont need rehab for that

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