Movement vs BBK Football Match…

June 16, 2009


I want this match been saying it for time…Be a little warm up til we take on Ruff Sqawd lol



  1. I aint gonna lie that would be hard I hearrd u and scorch can kick ball.

    Whats ur second album gonna be called

  2. yh sum1 told me scorch can kick ball aswell, but he also sed weneva ur playin football every1z lke jermiane get in subz lol. he could hv been jus gassin doe, im sure ur very good…

  3. Damn if that natch ever happens i will definitely go n watch it but why have i got a little feeling that tells me sumthing big will kick off lol

  4. I would come and watch you lot play, as long as you all play nicely!

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