Kelis, Pregnant and Broke

June 16, 2009



Found this on this thisis50.com

Kelis claims estranged hubby Nas has left her high and dry not offering her a penny in the wake of her impending birth and she says she’s broke “I have run out of money.”
Kelis filed legal papers claiming Nas isn’t paying her support, pre-natal expenses — nothing, even though she claims he is filthy rich.

Kelis is asking the judge to order Nas to pay spousal support, child support, all pregnancy-related expenses, and one-half of all medical expenses after the child is born. She also wants $3,500 for the baby nurse after the child’s birth, and $20,000 for strollers, cribs and other baby supplies.

Kelis says, “My survival is based on [Nas’] will at this time. If he does not want to pay for an expense, it does not get paid.” The couple was married in 2003. The baby is due this month.

Kelis says she’s entitled to maintain the lifestyle to which she became accustomed during their marriage — they have five homes, fly first class, go to fancy restaurants, and on and on. Most interesting — “There were many expensive pieces [of jewelry] such as a princess-cut diamond tennis bracelet that was recently appraised for $190,000. My engagement ring is an approximately nine-carat cushion-cut diamond solitaire. I have numerous watches…such as Cartier, Rolex, Frank Muller and Chopard.”

Her lawyer, disso-queen Laura Wasser, says in a separate declaration she’s asked Nas to ante up some $$$ for Kelis and the unborn baby but he hasn’t responded.

On a real tho their both artists and adults should Nas care??

Let me know what you think



  1. nh shez mad, i think nas has a reponsiblity to look after the child and provide money for him/her but kelis doesnt deserve any of nas’s money, thats his he earned it.

    and she wants to live how she become accustomed, thats jus stupidness. if shez broke she shuld shot sum jewellary which is probably worth more than what most ppl make in a year or even 2 years and jus live lke a normal person

    whoo, dis gt me annoyed, i fink kelis is too spoilt, but den agen dere is probaly mre to dis story den dis article but from wt i herd from dt, kelis needz 2 get slapped.

  2. hiphopsnewwave.wordpress.com

  3. Real Talk Nas Needs To Provide For His Baby… But So Does She !!! If She Wants To Give Her Baby The Best.. She Needs To Get Back On Her Music Career And If She Don’t Wanna Do That Do Suttin Else..

    I Hate Women Who Expect The Men To Pay For Everything.. Be An Independent Strong Woman.. Us Women Should Provide For Our Babies As Much As Men Should !!!

    I Kno Dat When I Have A Baby… Whether Or Not I Stay Wid The Father.. Imma Do Everything I can For My Baby And I Will Provide A Future For Him/Her.. I Think Men And Women Should Share Responsibilities When It Comes To Providing For Your Children.. I Aint Knockin Stay At Home Mums.. But I Dono..

  4. Anddddd… If She Wants To ‘Maintain The Lifestyle To Which She Became Accustomed To During Their Marriage’ Then Thats Upto Her To Go Out And Get The Money Herself So She Can Keep Up That Lifestyle, Nas Shouldn’t Have To Pay For That !!!

  5. Nas doesn’t owe her shit….the only responsibility he has is to his baby, period!

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