May 28, 2009





  1. Sam Khan, no shots, just saying. Never heard of him before but he killed the track.


  2. HAAAAAAAAAAARD!, yes dis is gettin ripped off youtube and being put on repeat on my sony ericsson lol.

    I wanna hear da other 1z 2 compare but all i got is dat sample track becuase play.com is still sayin preorder for the rider cd :S (i swer it woz supposed 2 cum out on the 25th)

    But stil, your freestyle alone is £6.99 for the rider CD.

  3. @ uno

    and the album is good – wretch, tinchy and keedo have the best ones. plus that clea chick does well on riding for love.

    *puts the Rider album on his iPod and goes for a jog*

  4. I agree. U have the best version/ Tinie & Tinchy were holding on still lol.

  5. my mans^^^^ gunna rip ur tune and shit!! nahhh told u aswell!! dats lng…anyway yh defo the hardest version i do like ghettos tho well his verse on the tune allow jme and snipekeedo if he done the whole tune on his own den im sure his wud be the best den urs lol

  6. Yours is okae but wharm 2 the noises after every content line u have lol & gh’s 1 verse on da 1st version of dis tune rips up every other people who freestyle

  7. top 3 riders are

    1.tinchy stryder (when he goes grime he goes hardy no homo
    2. wretch 32 (ur sick bro)
    3.tinie tempah (his flow he can say anyting n it will flow

  8. wiley has got the best version r u lot nuts??

    2nd would be wretch


  9. p moneys rider is the best

  10. lol no!!!!! im using meta 4s talking about riding for grime listen again im da best i mean da wretch lol !!!

  11. if it makes you feel happier wretch, u got the best one

  12. thanks man lol

  13. whens super hero out Fam? and is the video done?

  14. i liked ghetts verse but i reckon wretch is solo had the best lyrics by far tbh dont think anyone came with meta 4s on that level bthe best thing was that he as usual was consistent witht he meta 4s real talent on a level no 1 else can do it ( no gayness )

  15. dun no fam yea superheros shot im giving it out next week its a good vid

  16. so ur posting thr vid on ur blog next week?
    and is there gona b some super hero antics in the video like capes and boxers over thights stuff lol

  17. wait and see lol

  18. your new tune is big ” om a born winner a winner will never lose (*) tuneeeeeeeeeeee oma old man and me nu tek back chact

    om a born winner i spray the flames your warmin up

    omdz killin it

  19. dnt start making dem booky songs dat all the rest of the top of the scene is. heard superhero an it sounds like a bait crack at the mainstream. remember ur fans from b4 all dis bullshit. uve got lirekal talent, dont dumb down for the mainstream

  20. wretch you are very good i thought your would have blown more, its like you are a firework that i thought go bang but never went off, when the people came out for the show

  21. Sam K – Rider

    He merked it!

  22. ^^^ aint cuttin it cuzie! stick to listenin 2 grime

  23. Looks like im gonna have to Jump on this track as well!
    Wretch you went in ard doe!

  24. SAM KHAN KILLS THIS BEAT! He’s got hard flow and bars!

  25. Wretch yours is good still fam, But i have to say Sam Khans does pip yours, soz bro, but i think he should of been on the mixtape, or even the original version rather than keedo.

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