Catch Up

May 12, 2009


Sorry for not blogging i’ve been busy resting after all the travelling and fun times over the big weekend.

On thursday i travelled to Southampton for the first time  for an interview wih Exchalibah and perform.

Here’s couple pic’s:

Picture 162Picture 098Picture 033Picture 026

I was supposed to be in Oxford the next day but but it got cancelled maybe it was  for the best because i had leave to go Swindon for the weekender at 9am so i would be over tired.

When i got there and straight away i noticed the back area was like a who’s who’s.  Nuff people from our scene was there as well.

My perfromance was good still. It was weird performing in front  of a crowd that doesn’t really know me but the tent was packed and people loved it. Next year i need to aim to get myself on a larger tent.

Here’s some pic’s from my show:


You can watch a small part of my show here:


After i did an interview with Calvin Harris with Max.


One thing Dizzie is the man and Bonkers is going number one. Poeple just love that tune. The main tent was ram and they loved Dizzee.


I saw Styrder as well…My man fucked it up and Fuda was hyping him like a bad man.

I was only supposed to be there for the saturday but decide to stay in a tent festival style…Im only playing i stayed in the Marriot hotel in King Suite where all the BBC workers stayed….Breakfast was a madness everyone saw everyone at their worst!!!!

The festival was serious…My first but it wont be last!!


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