New Eminem

May 4, 2009


Apparently his buzz ain’t really as big as it used to be. Tbh his new music aint really my type of thing what do you think?



  1. yh 4real i aint feelin his new shit. dat stupid voice he does he has 2 get more serious and people will start payin him more notice get me

  2. yh hes changed

    his music for he left was his best ‘when i’m gone’ ‘moking bird’

  3. I Like Eminem…
    But He’s Doin His Slim Shady Act With These New Songs..
    He Needs 2 Get Back To Bein Marshall..
    His Serious Music Definitely Shows Him At His Best..
    And Thats What He Needs To Be Showin People !!

  4. new eminem ft dr dre – leaked off relapse


  5. this video is too much eminem is the best

  6. not really feeling it either tbh..

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