New Ny Video

April 30, 2009


People less talented than Ny have been getting places. What do you this song? Let me know


  1. dis trak iz ok stil beat iz nyceee

  2. not everyone likes change and thats what NY’s sound is, its gonna be something that will make her or break her. the question is would you risk changing someones id, to appeal to the mases. i wouldnt because you always feel with artist like this that big song is just around the corner

    saying that she does need some hot songwritters around her to get the consistency levels higher,

    this song hear is hot doa, i love the hook. i can see bare remakes/remixs to this one…

    oh yh is that you singing on track 13, think its called all that i need…

  3. i heardat she hard man shell get there i know, and na its not me singing

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