Me, Kyza & JME Freestyle

April 24, 2009




  1. This was one my favourite sets on Westwood!! Wretch 32 one of the best in the UK!!

  2. does kyza ave a myspace?

  3. omdzzzzzzzz……u man killed dissss…..dey should of invited klashnekoff in 2….y is jme in der btw lol?? and yeah 4real 1 of the best sets on westwood STR8

  4. the cold star is glittering, gotta see the light im so dark “whats goes here?”

    best in uk!

  5. WRETCH 32>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Any1


  7. Y didnt JME spit

  8. he probably didnt spit because you cant talk about nandos when next man are spitting fire

  9. he does spit on the set but i guess westwood cut it LOL!

  10. wretch….ur 2 much uno

    i hope def jam & dem big labels sign u still…cus ur wayyyyy 2 much

    no hype

  11. Wretch is a nutcase.His the last person u wanna go back 2 back with. Kyza is hard but that wernt his best. JME bruv start lookin for a 9-5 no talent at all

  12. i make music im tryna speed through the scene(seen)
    wretch ur hard this is actualy the best hip hop set ive seen.”il shovel him il hammer time shuffle him all i see is read il send valientines love 2 him”
    my favourite artist by far. them uk labels need to hola at you kanyes label or roca fella.
    if 1 of them offerd you a deal would u accept it?
    or even make ur own label from the deal and sign movement and other uk artists like bashy, chipmunk and tinetempa

  13. if they offerd im not sure itll have to be the right deal tho then ill be offfffffff lol

  14. if damon dash, kanye, jay z, t pain or even lil wayne all offerd you the same deal who would u sign for.
    and whats the estimate you would want to be signd for.
    also has any labels offerd you a deal yet?

  15. Big Set¬¬¬!!! 2 Of My Faves

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