April 23, 2009




  1. i like that because your barz were like way better you then l0wkey seemed a bit to happy on the vid for that tune tho

  2. my bedrin told me about this tune few months ago. we had a debate cos he was a lowkey fan and im a massive wretch fan. but the tunes hard lowkeys gd hes like a image of pure rap and ur like a deffinition of hip hop cos u bring flavour to the beat.
    and was this the the tune u was talkin about when i askd is this ur next video or is there another 1 to come.
    and wizzy wow needs to do a video for millionaire that tunes a banger.!

  3. wat is the first guy on lowkey was happy to be in the vid

    no offense but lowkey is a big rapper thas bin on tour with baree rappers so i dnt fink hed be starstruck of wretch

    the traks deep styll wretch 32 produccin banger afta banger

  4. lol i lowkey is mad….diss track was hard…keep da work up…

  5. i ment wretch , i think you red my message rong , all i put it down rong.

    its a deep song and wretch seems rele happy like just dont go with the video you watch the video to see the tune in a dif light and i reckon he should have acted a bit down to go with the tune

    good have been walked through a grave yard but then a gen low bugjet and shit directors

  6. trust two BIG rappers!!

    keep doin what you are,

    alot of people relate to this shit

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