Is This My Top 10??

April 20, 2009


I got this on one of my comments…DO you think that this my top 10???



  1. them tunes are big i cant even pic a top 10 but here 2 add the list are me and you, end scene, welcome 2 my world,remember the titans, alleyway, dont trust these girls, victorys tottenhams (even doe man lives in hackney that tunes sick lol, ur verse on the enj tune “i was cool” where u say ” i dont slip i iceskte” jhezzus!, ur verse on scorchers tune”fun” were u go “im just havin fun, i aint tryna have less if she aint got bum then il grab breasts” shiit!, ur verse on scorchers tune with big narsty”check my swag” were u go” my swaggs nere perfect we get head of the birds cah we flying high while u niggers just peck em al” wretch ur fuckd! heartbreak freestle and ur new thiung with mr wizzy wow” millionaire”
    loool im a big wretch fan!
    and whens ur next single out?
    if ur to do a next single i suggest me and you.
    i love that tune and im sure the tune will get pure love!

  2. Deres No top 10 All Ur Tunwa Arr Big !

  3. Maybe this can be another Dejavu
    We can rendevous and end up at the same castle
    Cau I’m on to you i treat you like the great arsenal
    put you on top of the table then champions league ya
    I’m on top of my game i bang through the speaka
    I’m glad we could team up
    but i feel like ive been there before
    but this dejavu’s got me feelin for more

    check this out hardist lyrics going

  4. Welcome to my world… all day! the greatest tune!

  5. U gonna need a top 20 for Wretch’s tunes. There’s actually an array of them. Even 20’s not enough. Arghhhhhhh!

    If Cycle isn’t in the top 10, somethings wrong.

  6. da whole of verses 3 and 2 was top and da had 32 tunes so boy dont know wot to say der

  7. ooh shit i 4got ur verse on bashys mixtape the tune think twice and i 4got nothing last forever and is so hard. so hard tune is BIG”lives hard like the last stage of a last game that i cant play but still i aint pausing”!
    i still dont know why u aint blown yet
    but i think cos u dnt make comercial tunes that much.
    but u should do a tune with a artist calld joe black from Highbury that would b hard still.
    tell me if u heard of him hola bk

  8. yh wretch got 2 many bad tunes. if u think about it he is easily the best inda game at the moment. and joe black is hard stil

  9. Do or die needs to be in there…inna di ghetto is just such a sik blend.
    But the do or die tune is big….and wheres naturally with bigz, 32s verse is too much on there and the noting on me freestyle is sik, keep doin wat ur doin 32.

  10. Thanks people you lot are reminding me of one’s that even i forgot

  11. LOl
    wats ur new single?

  12. yo wretch
    u need a top 100 for real bro

    wens the part 2 to my life comin den?

  13. i got a new single coming still its top secret tho lol but itl be about in a few weeks its not on wretchrospective tho i wanna give you lot some new stuff psychic read my palm and please have mercy were hard oldskool ones

  14. Yeh, Psychic Read My Palm was hard. Wat was u actually sayin wen u was talkin’ backwards? I was actually baffled tryna figure it out. I somehow concluded that u were sayin the whole verse after u finish it in reverse.

    How can a man forget Allyway. “Were like links wit big bums, we gotta cock back (got a cock back)”.

  15. lol yea i was sayin the hook but it was reversed just like the end scene

  16. all i need and stop my pen shud b on there. went hard on ina da ghetto but it aint top ten

  17. nh wait sterio is hardddd. real talk u had sum banger.

  18. loool wizzy wow should release millionaire as a single and make a video
    that tume got 56 plays on my ipod 1st day lool
    u went hard in that tune
    that should b a club banger?
    and ur new single is it a fresh tune or has it been playd on radio yet?

  19. In No Order:
    1.Welcome To My World
    3.Remember The Titans
    4.My Life
    7.You Will Never Call Me Baby
    8.Never Felt
    9.The End Scene
    10.Inna Di Ghetto

    And Thats Of The Top Of my Head. Theres More Though lol

  20. Itchin To See Us Fall Should Be There As Well, Have Mercy, Nothing Last Forever, And Fed Up Of Grinding Needs To Be There As Well lol

  21. ‘Where straps are seen more dan Dads’
    Gwarn Wretch!

  22. theres to many hits for a top 10, but a few hits
    have mercy
    Ina di ghetto
    this is how we live
    who am i
    on fire
    you will never ever call me baby
    The reason
    don’t trust these girls
    The Youts
    heartless freestyle

  23. i beg wretch or some1 tell me wat wretch says in ina di ghetto wen he goes “with straps i see more than dads” i dont get it.

  24. seen you in brum and scorcher performed and exclusive tune you ent on sik

  25. i ment you 2 went on sik lol never ment ent i ment (w)<<<went

  26. Yhh Someone tell Wizzy to make a video for ‘Million’ and send it to radio. I Can see dat as a good single.

  27. top 10 is a madness!!!

    I cudnt pick, but wen i got T.Trainin Day, i had My Life on repeat n heard it about 30times before i listened to any other tracks…same thing happened with Welcome to My World!!

    Wretch, what u think of Random Impulse?
    I dnt fink he gets enough recognition.

    Also, Messy from South Soldiers if u know him, fire bars!

  28. PISCES is definately a Numberber 1 contender, don’t even expect that from Jay Z, the tune is BIG!!!

  29. wow if i had 2 put it down 2 10 songs which is hard already. DEFINITLY has to be the following in no particular order: who am i, thoughts for the day, welcome to my world, end scene, all that i need, wretch-trapective, ina di ghetto, punctuation, that 23rd birthday accapella on westwood, be cool and remix bar

    i think……

  30. Everything You Have Ever Spat Is On Top Wretch..
    Cant Even Pick Just 10.. Thats Stupidness Lol

  31. yo wretch bruv whats the backing tune on the youts ft bashy track.. ive bin on it hard lately but still looking for it.. post the name plz safe

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