Biggest Grime Show Ever Cancelled!!!

April 9, 2009


Its peak because its almost impossible to get all these names on one line up due to costs and scheduling:

Tinchy Stryder
Crazy Cousinz
Logan Sama (Kiss 100)
Wretch 32

This sums up why but I hope they’re able to sort this because it would of been massive:

Project Urban 2009 has been cancelled by the O2/police/local council. We as the promoter were not consulted on this decision, it was cancelled without us knowing (we only found out via facebook)! This is wrong for a start!
Then to cancel the event for no real reason apart from it is a ‘High Risk’ event is just madness! 696 checks/risk assessments took place months ago and we had to take one ‘High Risk’ act off the bill, which we did. If this CONCERT featured the best US rappers then there would be no issue, then why is there an issue when a concert features the BEST UK RAPPERS/MC’s? How will ‘Grime’ ever grow?

Below is an extract from the London Timeout:
‘They should email us (clubsfocusdeskco14@met.police.uk) about the specific night. We’d like to know about it and we’ll go through them on an individual basis. This isn’t genre-targeted, not at all. I’d like to say that our approach works. We’ve seen a significant reduction in violence and gun crime in the clubs we risk assess.’

We the promoters were not consulted and did not go through anything with any local authority! We as the promoters offered to pay £4500.00 in EXTRA Police and security. Airport style security was already in place at extra cost, as we did not want anything bad to happen; safety is our number one priority!

We worked our butts off to get this event off the ground as you all know Grime is not the easiest genre of music to deal with, but it’s what I love so I was prepared to put the work in to see these acts move from raves to professional concerts; a level which they should be at! A huge promotional campaign was just getting into full swing, with an advert on Channel AKA/U and an advert on Kiss 100, plus thanks to Logan there was due to be a ticket give away etc on the biggest grime radio show in the world. All this effort and expense down the drain!!!

‘’We have been told through 3rd parties that Project Urban 2009 is unable to go ahead. I have not been contacted or even consulted in the discussion making process. This is my event and I should be the first point of contact about cancelling this event and I should most definitely be consulted before any decisions are made. This is my first complaint. The police have given no formal reason as to why the event should be cancelled, there is no intelligence to suggest that this event it going to be too dangerous to run. It is purely racism (I am white and can see that this is nothing less than race involved in the decision making process) To say that because most of the acts on the bill are black this will attract black on black crime is just preposterous , outrageous and above all highly racist. Then will a white event not attract white on white crime or are white people not criminals? I do believe white people are just as much criminals as black people are. This is not an issue of safety it is an issue of (and I hate to say it) institutional racism. ‘’ This is an extract from a form I filled out and sent to and ICC (Independent Complaints Commission)

It is a sad state of affairs for the genre that it wasn’t allowed to reach the next stage in its development, the process of evolution has been halted by draconian, out of touch figures at both the O2 and the police.

Anyone who wishes to contact me please do so at enquires@projecturban.net

Thanks and look forward to see how we can move forward!



Sad really


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