Why would we do this to our own people?

April 3, 2009



  1. LOL!!! Pissed. When You Talk Ard On Tracks, People Put You To The Test. Its A Par

  2. alot of talk about it being fake.
    if it is bash will loose fans, real talk.

  3. dats blaintently fake cnt u tell??^^^

  4. thats fake wen did u ever see a black person face change colour i aint even seen a black person been beeatenh up with pink bruises

  5. if it is a fake..it better be for a good reason- like he was part of an anti violence video or summit..cus if it was jus for a music video ima be annoyed-esp cus of the facebook thing he wrote…i do hope it isnt real..the industry doesnt need this, and obvs neither does he..

  6. http://aceandinvisible.blogspot.com/2009/04/we-didnt-want-to-but.html
    its gotta b fake..

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