Obama comes with 500 staff!!!

April 1, 2009






Its a shame that he wont be able to give a speech for his supporters so people can at least say they saw him but that’s obviously because of security reasons. I like the way Michelle moves tho she’s doing her own thing and ain’t scared of standing out. Bet you wish are prime minister and wife were as cool a as them init??



  1. Wretch you do know Obama is a shambles though?

  2. Both the President and First Lady exude a knowing which is evident in everything they do.

  3. he aint no shambles u mug
    yh wretch i wish we did dude

  4. he is a shambles, hes just a puppet for the NWO. Only thing he was good is showing that people are starting to accept each others differences as first black American president.

    Last real American president was JFK.

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