Swedish Spitter Goes In!!!

March 20, 2009


People i might be dusting off the Wretchboys chequebook to get this guy in the team lol…I dont have clue what he’s saying but this is a classic beat and the flow sounds familiar lol.

Let me know what you think of the bars…



  1. they are (hopefully) just playing around, stating that they be spittin free’s.
    i dunno though, never heard of em over here maybe they do bring heat otherwise..
    nice spotlight on sweden though, we support you and the entire movement!! whats going on with the movement? are you working on a new tape/album? whats happening? update!!!!

  2. HAAAH!!! Jheez if u only knew Swedish haha jokees! dere shit spittin sum easy bars ma lil cousin shosho did in nursery…Where did u get this?

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