Finally Rick Ross Confesses

March 20, 2009


I cant take my man seriously if he just came out and said it was him from day it wouldn’t have been that big a ting but the lying puts a cloud over his whole character.

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  1. i swear he was the biggest ceo in the movement documtary, you look happs on the dvd. had an extra swagger. you cant go against him now, was his jewels real thats what i wanna now, coz i dont see how he can be rolling around like that. guess c.i.d had his bac

  2. diss guy is a fraud…he is fake and dat yeah…but look at american artist dey are all frauds..50 snitched on shyne…TI snitched, jims jones was unloyal 2 cam, lil wayne is all kissin baby onda lips,jayz steals BIGS lyrics. American rap music is fake and it shows cuz ppl like soulja boy are makin money of it..da only guys i can rate in america rite abt now is nas, jada,sheek, styles p, talib, mos def, common..and couple other ppl. Ill stil listen 2 ross cuz he makes good music but i aint ratin dese mans at all cuz they lie so much. 50 aint makin decent records he is stil relevant cuz he brought out a sex tape with rick ross’s babys mum. and dat lil show curley da pimp or sumink

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