Is this guy good??

March 19, 2009



True there’s always new American artist I dont really give them a listen until there’s a big tune so I have ot take notice. I’ve seen this guy all over the net but is he actually good???

You tell me???



  1. Heez alrite innit. Herd on Westwood. Only cah i herd Jay-Z was feelin him. But he was doing it of the top of his head so he was chattin crap a lot but he seemed alrite innit

  2. not feeling him, when i heard him about sept 08 i though it was emienm, his skills there doa, cant deny that, but i find it hard to get over the fact he sounds exactly the same, voice wise. strange for me

  3. im welcome to any music so i thought id give em a listen and as being in my first year of college, good track to listen 2 on your way home from a mates the day after!
    deffo worth a listen

  4. jus saw this Roth dudes video, some funny shit. As an artist, he has got a nice flow, plus he ain’t tryin to be something he ain’t, he just rhyming about what he knows innit. Check out his tune ‘Lark on my Go-Kart’, posted it on my blog

  5. yeahhh I love college is a tune,

    his mixtape with drama and don cannons real good too, so I’m thinking his album asleep in the bread aisle will be worth checking out.

    the best thing about him is his freestyling though, unbelievable!

  6. He’s alot, hes a content rapper so alot of grime fans dont care for him. the americans are doing with alot of young rappers popping up, look out for charles hamilton, B.o.B, the cool kids adn im sure i dont have to say Drake lol

  7. Yh hes hard truss..his mixtape greenhouse effect is gone…couple freestyles on there are memorable! giv him sum tym..everyone will love him

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